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Imsouane Surf Is'cool
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Surfez les plus longues droites de Maroc et de l Afrique,découvrez la côte marocaine avec les surfeurs locaux,vivez le rythme de vie marocaine sur les côtes et les villages marocaines.

Category *: Surf Lesson
Region *: Africa
Ability level(s) best suited for *: Beginner, Intermediate, Rookie
Cancellation policy *: Moderate: full refund if cancelled up to 5 days in advance
Security deposit required for the rental period *: Other
Service offered by *: Independant Pro Surf Instructor
Languages spoken *: English, French, More
Do you hold an accredited Surf certification? *: Yes, the Surf Instructor/ Guide is Certified and Accredited
Certifications, Diplomas held by the Surf Instructor(s)/Guide(s) *: ISA, Other accredited certification
If "Other certification, diploma": precise which one(s) here: Brevét Fédéral Marocain
Date and country of obtaining the Surf certification(s) *: january 2014
Experience of the Surf Instructor(s) / Guide(s) *: [5 - 10] years experience
Equipment included *: Board, Wetsuit
Duration of a surf lesson (# of hours per day) *: 2 hours
Duration of a training session (# of hours per day) *: 2 hours
Duration of a surf tour (# of hours per day) *: half day_ full day
Photo and video analysis and debriefing: Use of photo, Use of video
Media: Photos included for FREE
Other activities available (at extra cost): Massages, More, SUP, Yoga
All-inclusive: Surf + Accommodation + Meals: Available at extra cost
Accommodation type *: Boat
WiFi connexion *: No
Airport pickup/drop-off: Available at extra cost
Board owner *: Independant Pro Surf Instructor
Level: Board best suited for *: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Pro, Rookie
Board shape *: Longboard
Construction *: Polyurethane
Board height *: [9'0" ; 9'12"]
Fin setup *: Configurable, Single, Thruster, Twin
Board condition *: 5/5 : Brand new
Best for what sizes of waves *: Ankle busters, Head high, Knee high, Shoulder high, Waist high
Types of waves: Clean and powerful waves
Paddling power *: Fast & easy
Speed & manoeuvrability *: Slow and very stable
Board pickup and drop off *: In shop pickup / drop-off for free
Accessories included for FREE *: Leash, Wetsuit
Accessories available at extra cost: Wax
Have you been Vetted as a Seller by SimplySurfers? *: Yes, I have been Vetted as a Seller by SimplySurfers
"I accept to make any potential refund payments to my clients (through PayPal or Stripe) according to my cancelation policy" *: I accept
"I accept the Terms of service and the Privacy policy of SimplySurfers" *: I accept
Morocco Agadir, Morocco 80000
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Time is free,but it's priceless. you can't own it,but you can use it. you can't keep it,but you can spend it. once you've lost it,you can never get it back. so use it to Surf....

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